Flying bone chaser sketch

  • Here's a little thing I started working on. I would like to get some good critique on it before I start adding tone. Thanks for any input.chasing_bone.jpg

  • @Jonathon-B Hi Johanton, this is real fun! i would get rid of the flower on the rightside, and place it on the left. give it more balance.

  • Funny picture, just wondering where his hands are 😉

  • @Leontine-Gaasenbeek Thanks! I really want the flower somewhere near his foot because it's just about to get stepped on. I wonder if I moved it closer to the foot if it might improve the balance. @Steve-Young Who needs hands when you have a tongue like that? haha.

  • The main thing that bothers me is I don't know why this is all going on, if theres any reason at all. If its supposed to crazy and wacky then the bone chaser and the flying bone are very surreal but then the landscape isn't as crazy.

    As for the technical qualities, the composition is too balanced I feel. And the bone chaser is right in the middle of the page, so we are missing out on the action of the chase. I also don't read the wings on the bone as wings immediately, rather more as a bow.

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