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  • I have drawn and redrawn this sketch few times trying to get the perspective correct. I am not sure how to describe what I am trying to achieve, but it is kind of a fisheye look. Want the view to be close to the kid catching the ball. Any suggestions, critiques, or draw-overs are welcome.
    Thanks in advance!!

  • Hey, this is a really good attempt and it has a lot going for it. I don't know a ton about extreme perspective like fisheye, but here are my takes on your piece. They are pretty crappy, but hopefully you can see where I'm going.

    The first simple thing you could to would be to just push the perspective on that catcher a little bit.

    If you want to go more extreme:

    I think as a general rule (which I'm sure can be broken effectively, I just don't know a lot about it) when you do fisheye, if the horizon is below center line, things will curve upward and you will more likely be looking up at the boy. If your horizon is above center, it will curve downward and it is more likely that we'd be looking down on the boy.


    Hope this helps, and I hope others have some suggestions as well.

  • Here is a curvilinear grid that may help as a reference. You mentioned fisheye but I think this is more of what you are looking for. if you have access to PS import it and set it to multiply. 0_1497484073342_Grid_Drawing_Curvalinear-A01b.jpg You can also create a spoke wheel brush in Photo shop and then use it to create a drawing grid for finding difficult perspective points

  • Oh, and if you want to go even more extreme, you can tilt everything on a diagonal.

  • @TessW Cool. Never thought of pushing the catcher below the horizon. I think that is what it needed. Looks so much more dynamic now.

  • @rcartwright Thanks for the grid idea. Will use that as well as I modify this.

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