Can I get some critiques on this illustration?

  • Hello SVS!
    I haven't made a post on here since I introduced myself, but I guess I'll make another one right now.

    Earlier today I finished what I call my first "real" illustration. I call it that because I wanted to actually tell a story with my art instead of doing what I normally do, draw a single person or object against a plain background. I think it went pretty good, but can I have some critiques, please?

    Thank you!

    Heeere it is.

  • @AndrewHunt Welcome to forum:) Your illustration looks super plesant. I like the atmosphere of it. However it seems to me, that for a story it lacks some detail (iam not experienced so i could be wrong!). The kid seems to be afraid of smth, so I would suggest that you draw a wolf as a foreground object (hiding behind rocks and looking at the kid). Also, if you have a possibility, see hiw it looks flipped horrizontaly, as usually people look at the pic from left to right. N rememner that it looks great, but you asked for critiques, so i had to think of smth;)

  • @aska Thank you for the idea! I think I'll changed up the piece a bit to see how it looks.

  • The idea is nice and feels fun because of the drawing. From a story telling point of view I would add a path of foot prints, also if this is for a children's book then I think the character should be facing right. You shadows feel rushed and also very much one color I would use some other cool colors in the shadows

  • Very good! I think then leap you have made is great, and instead of working on this one much more you should make another one ASAP!

  • @rcartwright Yeah, the shadows were sort of rushed. I'll see if I can fix those things in my next piece. Thank you!

  • @Eric-Castleman Thanks, Eric! Yeah, I think I already have an idea in my head for another illustration. It'll come out soon.

  • Good job @Andrew-Hunt ! It so much more fun doing art to tell a story!

    So, I think it's clear that you are trying to tell a story, but what the story is is not as clear. Where is the character heading ? Is he scared ? Curious ? Lost ? The more you know about your story, the easier it is to illustrate! For now it is still very generic. But keeping in mind that it's the first time you try it, it's really good!!! Next time, I would try writing down a short paragraph on your story before illustrating it! I try to do that now and it helps me!

    Just a few points on execution. I agree with @rcartwright that your character should face the other way. Also, your horizon line is almost directly in the middle of your illustration. I would put is on the top or bottom third to improve the composition.

    I also agree with @AndrewHunt that you should try another one!! 🙂

    Good job!

  • Its very sweet. i would also darken the foreground items more, and think about their shapes. when i opened the page, it looked like hunched over wolves to me that had been partially cut off from the image. maybe if those trees are much closer, the trees need to be bigger too?

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