Why did you choose illustration of so many career?

  • This is a question to everyone in this forum. Joining this forum means you are interested in illustration either as your hobby or profession.

    My question is , out of so many careers,why do one chooses illustration? Is it because you have the talent /gift to draw, you like storytelling, you like drawing, do you like to create a life through drawing, or you are not good at anything else, so?

    What is it? What is that one thing, that one attractive thing, that drew you illustrators to stick to illustration whole life ? I really want to know your all' perspectives. As I am trying to find my own, "why/ that one thing"

    To excel in any thing in life, you need to almost 100% hard work and dedication. Magic doesn't happen. So, what is that one thing that attracts you and convinces you to give your much precious time and focus in illustration.

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  • I have an artists brain, which means I suck at normal careers. I did fabrication for a few years, and I wanted to run into traffic, and in my free time I spent it reading, writing, drawing and playing music. I would rather barely make rent and be fuflilled in my career choice than have a ton of money and do something I hate. It makes me depressed thinking about dying one day and not leaving everything I have a passion for on on display, even if nobody ever sees it.

    I like drawing wacky crap, and tend to really have to force myself to enjoy realism in the arts, outside of literature (love Dostoevsky to death) I tend to want my art to be high on emotion, and also very message driven, but not so much in your face. Illustration provides that for me, and always has.

    As for why illustration in children's books: I was deeply impacted by children's books when I myself was very little, and growing up was very nostalgic about that time in my life. I want to help contribute to the world in a way that I have a connection to, and children's books I see as that connection.

    I am also very much a lover of philosophy, and though I was a poor student in high school, I excelled in comprehending philosophical material, and went to college to study philosophy. Interestingly enough, much of the classic children literature from the past was built upon philosophy, such as Lewis Carrols Alice in Wonderland, and how he rejected Nominalism and was an adherent to neoplatonism, or Tolkien's writings as an attempt to reply to Plato's Republic as it related to WW2 etc. on top of all of that, I am saddened that the American school system has all but abandoned teaching philosophy to kids, and if I am able to reintroduce these things somehow, even in a small way, I will feel accomplished.

    I also like drawing turtles a whole lot.

  • @Eric-Castleman

    Hey Eric,
    First of all, thanks for giving such a sincere and thoughtful reply. Thanks svs for creating such a platform where I could get good answers from illustrators.
    Illustration is your passion, and you have a very noble purpose to contribute to the world through illustration. I really appreciate that. I never thought about illustration this way. Thanks to you.
    You are very clear with your 'why' that I asked and I wish you the best in your endeavour. With so much clarity and passion and noble intent, I believe, you will surely reach great heights in life.
    Thanks Eric, again. I really liked your perspective and will hink about it.
    I hope I will get more perspectives from other like minded people.


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