Ducks having dinner

  • Hey all,

    This was my last of 4 illustrations for a Uni assignment. We were given 3 random words and had to create an illustration for them. The words for this one were "Duck, snack, gutter."

    I am thinking of adding text "-and though they did not have the perfect things, it was a perfect night."

    This is my best one out of the four, so let me know what you think!


  • @Sliproot hey, its a lovely scene:) middleground with ducks is very cool. Iam just not sure about foreground. It might be, cause I dont completely understand what is it - a whole in the silling or window. But maybe its just my weird eye;)

  • Hey @aska thanks for the feedback! The foreground is meant to be one of those square concrete gutter holes on the side of the road, the ones that let the water run down so the roads don't flood (and that's why the ducks are in water).

    I tried to make it look like concrete with the chips in it, but I don't think I pulled it off well enough, might have to come back to it.

  • @Sliproot Hey, thanks for explanation. In my eyes something is wrong with perspective. Flies are looking down at ducks, but they should look up or straight depending on how close the ducks are. Unfortunately iam not an expert on perspective so i cant draw a solution for u. Concerning your concrete, it looks more like metal, as its thin and the way light sits on it. I also think there is too much of it. Bu dont worry, I think that once you get your front plan working, it will be a very nice pic:)

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