bonfire in the wood :-)

  • Hi, Iam looking forward to any advice on this subject.
    I've just watched course on "10 steps Digital Painting' (btw, very interesting course!) and I am trying to apply this method on this drawing.
    However I got stuck on occlusion and cast shadows. Then I added tone (orange) and I thought to search for help on our wonderful forum 🙂 so here you go, feel free to critique as much as you want, cause i want to nail this one 😉

  • Hi Aska - I love painting fire scenes and this one looks like it's going to be a lot of fun. A few things to remember: 1. Light is like any object that's being projected. Like water from a hose it will hit one side of objects in it's path and as those objects round away from the water/light - less water/light will be able to hit them until you reach the backside where no light/water can hit. 2. The source of the light is the brightest and will progressively fall off darker. The questions you have to answer is how quickly will they fall off.

    @aska 0_1494865783209_4564564.jpg

  • @Will-Terry Thank you! You helped me a lot:)

    BTW This forum amazes me. Its really awesome that you guys (administrators) are so active and help anyone. A month ago i felt a bit stuck, cause i was missing feedback and didnt know where to get one. And then i thought of trying SVS (I know about it from your youtube videos) and that was s great decision. Thanks for creating this place:)

  • @aska You're very welcome! Our goal is to help as many artists as we can in the short time we have here. 🙂

  • Finished! At least thats the most, that i can do at my current skill's level 😉


    Thank you again @Will-Terry! 🙂

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