Reworked Old Piece

  • Hi everybody, Im just getting back into the swing of things. Here is and older piece i redid the color on. I watched a SVS video recently talking about using existing pieces so I a revisited some old work and decided to mess with this one.
    I enjoyed looking back into old ideas when seemingly running on empty. 0_1493705627464_NewRaven2.1.jpg

  • I like the color direction you took this in.

    I do think that eye is distracting though. Is it about to fall out? Did the bird find an eyeball on the road and, in some serial killer type of move, is sticking it in his own socket!? Just kidding, but it seems out of place.

    Some other things:

    1. I wonder if the head feathers should continue down the back of the head. Right now there is a kind of "round smooth ball" thing going on under those feathers--which are painted really well!
    2. The beak shape seems a little off but then again, I don't know what kind of bird this is. I thought it was a crow but the bill shape is almost duck like (to me).
    3. I wonder what it would look like if you lost some of the coat's texture. Some of it is really great but it might be a little much--that's just one opinion though.

  • @mattramsey hhahaha!! Love the eye comment I think you and I might be related. I'm driving so can't type much but thank you for the analysis. Going to take your reply into account for final.

  • I remember this one. Yes, I think this looks much better. The texture really was needed it seems.

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