What makes Visual storytelling Visual storytelling?

  • Hello everyone!, recently i acquired the not so easy task of finding out what aspects of visual storytelling are key to know, and know how to use, in order to tell correctly a story trough an image, e.g.: illumination, shapes, composition, etc... being a still image (a piece of concept art) or a succession of them (like a scene from a movie), and what better place to search answers than in the SVS Forums!, here is a perfect example of great storytelling on a succession of images is the beginning of up (Carl and Ellie getting married and so on) link to it. As a still image, for example, a piece of connept arf by Nathan Fowkes alt text What do you think is the most important aspect of visual storytelling to learn? do you think one is more important than the other? do you know any other great examples of visual storytelling? Please feel welcome to comment, ask questions or debate!

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