Is the paper too big

  • Okay so I'm on the dawn of a new illustration! (Full illustration. Not like my usual spot illustrations) I hope that after this I can just start cranking out art work. My only concern is I use markers as my medium and I use 11x14 paper.
    Is the paper too big?
    Like, is the space too big that is just eats markers or is it perfectly fine?
    Forgive me if this sound like a repeat of another thread I did, I think I know what I'm talking about now.

  • Hi Ben, do you usually scan the illustrations for the web or is there a reason to have a big original copy -as in do you sell the originals or frame them for the wall.I use markers and A3 paper to and I know what you mean they are really expensive and I always feel reluctant to fill in large spaces with them.What about Acrylic ink for the backgrounds and larger areas it seems to work quite well along with the markers.

  • @DOTTYP thanks! I'm not selling originals. I just want to get the details and colors right. That sounds like a good idea to use other materials with markers. I usually use color pencils too. Thanks for the feedback

  • I really think this is down to your personal situation. It boils down to whether or not what you're getting from working in a larger format outweighs the potential costs associated with working larger. There aren't any rules, remember, only your own limitations. I work with watercolours, and until yesterday (!) I've been working on A4, because I couldn't print on A3 and the task of tracing out an A3 sheet made me recoil in horror. Now I have a printer, I'll work larger. Dotty's suggestion is a good one, I think. Find ways around it if the cost is prohibitive for you.

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