Crystal Cavern - Bear + Bat

  • So I don't usually do this type of work, but recently I discovered that my animal guide is a white bear. A couple of years ago my father passed away and he has sense come to visit me as a bat. As different as bears and bats can be, they have so much in common. They are both cave dwellers. They both are symbols of growth an change. This inspired me greatly, so I made this piece inspired by that.

    I wanted to avoid it looking like it had a bunch of lineart. Played with texture to try to make it feel less digital. Also wanted to use depth and detail in different ways. Hope you enjoy! Looking forward to making more work like this in the future. Maybe I'll do an oracle card set?

    0_1492701985591_Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 11.25.32 AM copy.jpg

  • Really love this I would never have guessed it was digital ,lovely choice of colours.

  • @DOTTYP thanks so much! I used the watercolor textures from the mixed media class. And worked with a watercolor brush from Lee White's custom brushes class.

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