50 Things Messy Kitchen

  • Hey! I haven't been very active in the forum this past year, but I am a student of SVS and pop in every now and then. Love seeing everyone's progress! 🙂

    I had this drawing on the go before the #draw50things challenge was posted, but I watched the lesson and incorporated some of the advice to finish it.

    (Hope the resolution is big enough.)

    It's not perfect, but it's finished and I'm happy with it because it feels like a step forward for me in some areas! 😃

    A real kitchen to inspired this (the drawing was based on a slice-of-life comic assignment I did for a class at Kadenze). So I kept the room layout almost the same, and included a lot of objects that were there.

    Any thoughts or crits are welcome! 🙂 I'm still inexperienced with color, and I do not have a "style" yet at all, so I'd especially be interested in how you think this is working/not working in those areas.

  • Hello again! Was looking at the perspective on this piece, and considering making a few little changes.

    While I did use a horizon line and perspective guides to set up the room and the furniture, I drew the "things" free hand. I was going for a somewhat warped/cartooney look, so I wanted the perspective to be just a little off.

    However, there are a few things that look too off maybe? Here's a draw-over (with the original to compare):
    0_1492885283502_messy-kitchen-linework.png 0_1492885298477_messy-kitchen-perspective correction.jpg

    Ha, now that I look at it again, the lower box looks like it's floating a bit now, whereas before it was sinking... I'll fix that. But the point is that from this eye-level, we should be looking down into the box, right?

    Any thoughts? How can we tell when warping perspective works?

  • @K.-W. Hi Kait! I still struggle with perspective a lot myself, but I have heard @Lee-White and @Will-Terry in multiple videos saying that if you want "not to respect" perspective, it has to look on purpose. And so I don't think you can use correct perspective for some things and incorrect for others... If you want a wonky look, it's great, but it has to be everywhere (I think!)

    One other thing about your image is that most of your objects are small... I think it would really add interest if you had a few really big objects (for example, foreground objects cropped off of the page)

    I hope this helps!

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