SCBWI WWA conference - anyone going?

  • Hey everyone,
    Just wondering if anyone here is attending the SCBWI Western Washington regional conference April 7-9th? If you are, I'd love to meet you!
    I'm so stoked - Friday I'm in picture book intensives, Saturday is the regular conference and portfolio display, and Sunday all day I'm in graphic novel intensives - lead by none other than Kazu Kibuishi!!! squeal I'm geeking out already. Of course I'll have to get a copy of one of the Amulet books signed.
    Also wondering in general if anyone has gone to a regional SCBWI conference? From what I hear from other people in my region (Western Canada), they've gone to both regional conferences AND the large summer/winter ones. They all prefer the regional one, saying that they're more intimate and have better chances for networking, especially with the industry professionals. I haven't gone to any yet in order to compare, only to one non-SCBWI writer's conference (which was okay - but many of the people there were adult novelists and the classes were definitely geared towards them). If you have gone to a regional conference, what were your thoughts on it?
    Anyway - so excited!!!

  • Hello? Anyone out in the abyss? haha
    I guess there's no North Western Americans (is that what you'd call Washington or Oregon peeps?) in the SVS forums...
    Anyone been to any of the regional SCBWI conferences in their area (not one of the two large LA or New York ones) who would like to share insights?

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