Contests and Opportunities (Help The Entire SVS Community)

  • Here SVS students can post contests they heard about to help out the community here in the SVS forums. Contests are great because they can be put on resume's and sometimes even open great opportunities

    One I know about is the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards

    • It's for students in the 7-11 grade to submit artwork to receive an award and possibly scholarships. Read the website to see when the contest reopen's and how to submit.

    Again, please post any opportunities to help the entire SVS community.

  • Rocky Mountian School of Photography High School contest
    This is for any High Schooler who wants to submit photography.
    There are different categories to submit and this could be put on resumes. The grand prize is a new camera

  • Dan Brown (Author of Da Vinci Code) Book Cover Contest.
    Dan Brown is having a book cover contest! The contest ends April 23rd.
    wierdly its only for ages 18+ right now

    The Description:

    • In past novels, he has always explored the worlds of classical art—Botticelli, Da Vinci, Bernini, and beyond.
      In Origin, however, there's a twist...the art is modern.
      And so...using only Modern Art and the word "Origin" as your inspiration, let your creativity flow. We can't wait to see what you come up with.

    Visit the website to enter!

    NOTE: Again if anyone else here on SVS has any contests to post, please post it in this thread to help the entire SVS forum community.