Do you have an image I can critique?

  • @will-terry-art This piece was just a sketch that took on a life of its own came out very dark. Thank you! Love SVS. "Raven at His Writting Desk"


  • gulp Here we go - huge preview of a piece that will actually only be printed at 10cm high. 🙂

    It is a tarot card, Ten of Pentacles, within a space theme. The card traditionally is a patriarch looking at his achievements and family, celebrating his accomplishments, family, and financial wealth, while dogs play in the foreground.

    This is me: -

    I started painting in PSD a year ago, still have the luxury of having my money come from design work, so I am slowly shifting to illustration.

    alt text

  • Thanks for the critique! everything you said really helped me out! 😉

  • Hi Will, would love to hear what you think.

    so this was done as part of a children's book pitch submission. Its a story of a boy who sees monsters.

    Don't have a website but I can be found on instagram

    0_1489481037083_10 Jan Eric Tan page 6 n 7.jpg

  • 0_1489505522098_Monolith.jpg

    "Monolith" - Ben Migliore

    Tools: Pen, Marker, Color Pencil, Pencils for planning out proportions.

    The concept: "A future explorer landed on an alien planet to find mysterious monuments engraved with alien constellations."
    This is part of an illustrations series I'm doing called Space Age
    Artist notes: (Just extra thoughts)

    • So one problem I found was the white line in the sky was supposed to be a small ring to show this was an alien planet. It didn't turn out like I thought so In the future I can do something different

    • I wanted to try to have the light from the sky bounce onto the objects which I think went well, but would like to see a professional opinion on my colors and values.

    • Because of the astronauts helmet I thought to have the hill rise up to show he was looking towards the monument. I don't know if it succeeded, but I tried.

    Thanks for consideration. If you choose this I'm excited to see any professional advice you could give. Thanks again.

    -- Ben Migliore

  • Here's my illustration.
    I've done this one for my portfolio, to show consistency of work in a series of images from the same story, with same characters etc...
    Mr and Mrs Mouse are working in their garden when Cat appears. This is when Mrs Mouse sees the cat, runs back inside and warns Mr Mouse


    Here is the first image I did (to compare consistency), which is actually the last image of the story, when Mr and Mrs Mouse prevailed against Cat and can safely enjoy a cup of tea:

    I'm ok being credited

  • Just saw the first critique session on YouTube. Love this so much, a MASSIVE help already.

    Here are a few.

    Concept: For a kids book about a dinosaur who has to travel through NYC to get back to the Natural History Museum.

    0_1489521724765_Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 3.51.31 PM.png
    Concept: Another kids book. In this one the main character has just got disconnected from his ship and can't get back.

    0_1489521762151_Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 3.51.50 PM.png
    Concept: One of the last spreads on a kids book project. The opposing team scores in the last seconds again a team of T-Rex's.

  • Watched the video! I learned a couple things! Cant wait for the next one

  • SVS OG

    Thanks again for the critique! All good points, and once I have my current project done I'll go back and edit my piece.

  • Cool thread! I'd love a critique, if you need an image for a video please feel free to use this one. 🙂 My instagram is Rainechaser, probably the best place for people to find me right now.

    Concept: Rhys the gryphon has just landed on an unexplored island when suddenly two long shadows appear on the sands before him.


  • Thanks for doing this. I have just watched the critique you did on youtube and loved it. Your comments are very helpful and I dare to say very appreciated by everybody here.

    Concept: this is a portfolio piece. The kids are diving looking for a perfect shell to bring home from holidays.

    0_1490260539391_Underwater Treasures.jpg

  • hi @will-terry-art
    This piece is named "Blue Boy"
    It's about a baby that was left in an abandoned section of a working industrial plant and raised by rats, mice, and spiders. All the characters raised Blue Boy to fear the outside world and the day light they also taught him to horde scrap and steal from the factory workers while staying hidden. He is very creative, imaginative and inquisitive especially about the world outside in the light. One day the mice bring in a giant egg and lay it next to the furnace where he sleeps it eventually hatches a Blue Bird who becomes Blue Boys new best friend. As the bird matures he begins to go outside and fly in the sun light which then leads Blue Boy to the outside world and soaring in the sun light. I don't currently have a website or social media aside from this forum which you could link to where I post my stuff. "Blue Boy" the name both represents his nature of being blue as in "he has the blues" and also for his transformation led by his best friend the Blue Bird.


  • 0_1489783652408_Brave_WIP.jpg

    Concept: A mouse wanting to face his fears and save the pink sparkly mouse from the paws of a fluffy beast (aka a cat).
    Feel free to use my name and website.
    Kassidy Daussin is the name

  • This post is deleted!

  • Here is mine. It is for a dummy I have been working on. The page will have one 1/3 illustration above this and then this takes up 2/3 bottom of page. In the book a boy finds a polar bear in the woods and takes him home. He hides him in the shed where they are having some sandwiches at the end of the day.The images in the book are pretty bright and a limited palette of blues and browns with highlights of red. Since most of the images are outdoor winter scenes, I did not want to make this overly dark and dreary either, even though it is in the shed at night. Media is watercolor and digital edits. I would love to be credited if you choose this. My website is at 0_1489960472481_polarbearin shed web.jpg

  • Hi Will. Here is a spread for The Wake-Up Mouse, a story about a mouse who uses various methods to awaken the child and to get their day started. This is the final scene. The author stressed the importance of boy and mouse being familiar and comfortable with one another.
    Use anything you like.
    My website is at

    ![0_1489965008302_IMG_pg14-15pro.JPG](Uploading 100%)

  • 0_1490118522609_Astronautsmall2.jpg

    Hi Will! Thanks so much for this great opportunity!

    For this piece I wanted to show a girl who loves space but is also an artist, and on this special night she spots a shooting star. I'm trying to illustrate more interiors because I find them to be very intimidating, and I'm also working on lighting. Thanks again!

    Website -

  • @Will-Terry Thank you so much for your critique! Some really helpful and great tips for me to update. I am going to do some updates to the image this weekend.

  • @sarahelliott489 You're very welcome - thank you for letting me use yours - it's really coming along nicely!

  • Hey guys, Thank you for all the images - I just finished video #2 and I'll keep pulling from this thread for future videos!

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