Oh Hey!

  • Hi guys. SO happy to be here and join in with like minded folks. My name is Poppy, Im in London, UK. I used to make monsters for Film then I had kids, so Ive rekindled my love of drawing & Illustration inbetween changing nappies, yay! So far Ive been doing almost all traditional artwork but I really want and need to learn digital painting if I want to get professional. Ive been following Jake Parkers Youtube vids for a while and now discovered all the other excellent tutors (and the talented members!) too-- I am very excited 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Im starting at the beginning with 'Beginning Photoshop'.
    Heres my facebook page if you wanna take a peek..


    Wow this is quite scary! haha. Cheers guys!

  • @PoppyK lunaAstrid.jpg

    Ps this is as far as I got for last months 3rd Thursday.. Hoping Ill get a bit further on the next one!

  • Welcome aboard, another Brit to the pile. Love your work, so cute!

  • Welcome 👋😊

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