Coloring pages

  • I am inspired by Jake Parker's "Make a Product not a Project" to put together a coloring book of my little angel characters. I first want to put some up for free on my blog( make more that can be purchased, maybe, if anyone in the world is interested. At this point it's more about finishing a product than actually hoping to sell. I am also working on a picture book with these characters, but I don't want to share that. Coloring pages/books is something I feel good about sharing and is an easier project to do at the same time as my more involved project. 0_1481860649245_Spiral - Dec 15 2016 - 8-27 PM.jpg

  • @anthemsweet Good for you, and a great first product choice. I will be doing something similar in the new year, nothing to do with angels though lol 😉

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