New online fiction publication seeks artists

  • Hi SVS,

    My company, Crooked Grin Productions ( is starting a new online publication for flash fiction (250-1000 word stories) inspired by current events and news-of-the-week, in an effort to put our creative efforts towards some socially-conscious work. We'll be starting with two stories published weekly, and are looking for artists to create quick cover art inspired by the stories created. If interested in being a contributing artist, send an email to with a sample of your work, and I'd be happy to send you more information, and a sample story.

    Matt Soson
    Crooked Grin Productions.

  • What are some of the details? Pay? Work for hire? Etc.

  • The publication is being started as part of a directive of the company to do more socially-minded work with some of our creative energy. Thus, all profit at the moment from any Adsense revenue will be going toward LitWorld, a nonprofit that promotes child literacy and reading initiatives, and 99% of the work being done for the publication is free, including stories and artwork. We understand people's time and talent are very valuable, so if this isn't of interest to you, or if you can't spare the time, no worries! Just trying to find some like-minded people with the ability and time to contribute.

  • @Matt-Soson Why hide that you are looking for free work? That should have been spelled out in the original post. What's next, telling artists their work for you would make great portfolio pieces?

    Artists deserve to be paid for their work and if "donations" are being asked for it should be spelled out and upfront otherwise it is disingenuous at best.

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