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    I am locked out of my gma
    il accounts from my daughter's school system... somehow took over the account and I need some type of password from them to see my gmail account. I would like someone to send me the link for tonights meeting to

  • I don't have the link...but I may have a solution to your gmail problem. (My kids had the same problem with their school accounts. Had to ask the school's tech teacher for help...) One of my kids can just click on the circle icon--usually the first letter of your name--in the top right corner. It pulls up a list of the gmail accounts to choose from. The other kid has to go into google docs, and from there click the circle icon to change accounts. When it first happened I know the solution was through the waffle icon in the top right corner---but I can't remember exactly what we did. Hopefully one of the first two solutions will work for you. Good luck!

  • Thanks, she just gave me her password and it opened mine right up!

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