Vampire WIP

  • Hi Everyone!

    I was hoping to get some feedback on a new piece I am doing as a gift for a friend. She loves reading and vampires... and reading ABOUT vampires. So this seemed fitting. I roughed out a composition/lighting combo last night.

    What I'm curious about is:

    • Does the concept come across clearly?

    • Is the composition compelling?

    • Do you have any suggestions to make it better?



  • I would say if you are wanting to push the sense of impending doom go for a tighter shot.

    Another thing that strikes me (I may be reading this wrong) is that the pose of the vampire is almost that of a "creepy peeping tom". What might work better is to have him full-on standing there in more imposing position rather than a "hey there beautiful! watcha' readin'?" side push up. OR you could have him hunched over like the grotesque iterations of vampires with his long spindly fingers outstretched toward her.

    What style are you going for? Do you have any references?

  • Agreed, make the vampire dude way larger. At the moment the focus is on the room because it is so large. Zoom in on the scene, perhaps move the window behind the bed and have the vamp guy rim lit by the moon?

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