Hey I got a wacom cintiq for free!

  • Err to tell you the truth I didn't. What I discovered was; when I bought my computer it had windows 8 on it, I upgraded it to 8.1, and the touch screen stopped working. I thought It was a hardware failure and I could not afford for it to be repaired. Anyway when windows 10 came out, I upgraded my computer, and its working again. The good news is; I accidently touched my screen to clean it, and the touch interface was working great (i didn't even use it when it was), I had mischief (A great little vector drawing program) on my other screen running. So I dragged it on to my touch screen, and bingo, I could draw on it with my fingers. I picked up a I pad Stylus and started drawing with it. Its great! I don't have pressure sensitivity but Who cares. So the moral of this story is;if you have a touch screen us it, and dont be a dumbo like me and start Drawing and Painting with it.

    The reactions, and sensitivity are really good, it has the same sensitivity as an I pad, its worth a try. Ill be attempting my next project and letting you know how it goes.

  • @Steve-Young very cool! cant wait to see the next project.

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