Story Tree for feedback

  • Hi I did this for a bw promo piece. Appreciate feedback. Thanks!vickyrubin.storytreeweb.jpg

  • Nice idea, I would have higher contrast for the main character.

  • I really love it love it! love it! It has so much potential. Would love to see a colored version!can you make the main character 'pop out more? maybe the tree can be much bigger, and the character sitting on the bottom is catching more light than the rest? Put some more leafs? Than you have to look closer to see whats happening in the tree, Is he reading a storybook, and are the characters figures out of the book? than i should make the book way bigger, so thats more obvious.

  • I like this idea. I agree with Steve that the main character needs to be highlighted.
    Maybe some contrast would help such as having the tree dark in that area which would bring interested to the sitting figure. You seem to be off to a great start!

  • I think everybody is right about the contrast. I didn't even notice the main character until Leontine mentioned them. Also adding leaves to help the minor characters pop will help.


  • @Samuel-Nunez thats really nice!

  • @Vicky-Vicky Another vote for making the boy stand out more. It took me a second to realize what was going on. But once I got it-- wow!

    This concept really speaks to my heart. It's just wonderful. The different personalities of all the characters really shine through.

  • Thanks so much everyone for all the helpful and encouraging comments and the redraw! I do plan to make a color version, maybe in watercolor and ink. I will give more leaves a try. I will try to make the boy pop more, maybe he can be larger/more lit. Good idea to make the book larger. I think I will work on also making the branches less parallel and more dimensional. Yes he's reading a book and fairy tale characters are coming to life. I may change up some of them for a multicultural image. Thanks again!

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