• A little fun illustration I am working on. 0_1470797731391_queen1.jpg

  • Nice! One thing you may want to play around with is the position of the guards. My preference would probably be to have them standing in the back (so bring her forward) but you could also have them "guarding her" by bringing them in the front.

    Because the rendering clearly isn't finished yet the number one thing that jumps out is the somewhat awkward positioning of the (3) figures.

  • @mattramsey Also, the bright red on the guards is really eye catching, which is great if that's what you want you focal point to be. If the queen is your focus, then you might want to tone down that red a bit - maybe more of a purple-red.

  • Each character is on a layer. I will do this to build the ideas and then do a little different layout. The queen is flanked by these two guards and the guards will be bookending her, just one a little lower and one closer to her. They will both look a little dorky, like they were just "zapped" into the picture, which they were. by the story line. Thank you for the thoughts, they definitely help. I also start working at 300dpi to get the basics blocked in and then switch to 600dpi and work on the fine details. I just started 600dpi on the left guard... I may have to bring the red down, I think the background is going to be very simple, a light blue that will offset the queen's dress...

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