Free Pun Included.

  • Hey guys,

    My name is Rafael, and I'm a video guy who lives in Oregon.

    My day to day involves lots of 3D modeling, some animation 3D/2D, editing, and some VFX. I've just been getting back into drawing recently, hence the subscription. I'm wanting to gain skills to be able to do webcomics and cartoons. It's something i dabbled in back in the Mario Paint days (anyone?!), and am feeling drawn to it again. (eh?)

    I've been going through something of a renaissance lately getting back into traditional arts (who knows, maybe I'll pull out the guitar again). I think I lost sight of the goal a bit during/after college.

    Anywho, nice to meet you!

  • Welcome to the forum! nice to meet you, I hope you can find what your are looking for with SVS. It's a great place for learning how to illustrate. I want to see your works! 3d modeling and animation always fascinate me.

  • @Rafael-Lewis Nice to meet you Rafael! 3D is very interesting, i'd love to learn about that.

  • Welcome!

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