Number 11 in a series.

  • I'm working on producing 100 illustrations of fantasy women for a "product-not-project" concept. This is my 11th piece.

    0_1467477914490_Baton Girl Upload.png

    I like to come up with random girls and give them all manner of outfits and weaponry and turn them into illustrations for the heck of it, and I feel if I produce them with high enough quality, I might create something I can confidently stand behind at conventions and the like. So I'm going to try putting them in a book.

    While I'm not likely to go back and make any changes to this particular illustration, I am interested in any thoughts people might have about the overall impact of the drawing, style, coloring approach, etc., as I have 89 more drawings to do in order to consider this project complete and I'm always adapting and looking to improve as I go along.

    If you're interested in seeing the other ten (some of which I have posted--perhaps erroneously--on the Sketchbook forum), you can visit my gallery at