Denver and Salt Lake City Comic Con?

  • Hey guys! So I might have lucked out an nabbed a spot at both of these conventions this year. Haven't heard back officially, but I know someone who possibly has an open spot at their booth for both. I was just wondering who else out there was planning on going. I would love to meet up with some local illustrators since I'm pretty isolated out here in the mountains.

    Also, on the off chance that my booth spot falls through, I'd love to know if anyone has a spare table I could buy at either con.

  • I am going to be attending my freshman year at BYU and I really want to go to my first Comic Con In Salt Lake City. When does it take place?

    (also you can check out my illustrations in my finished works threads if you are curious)

  • Denver is June 17-19 and Salt Lake City is September 1st-3rd.

  • Well, apparently my table spot fell through, shoot. So yeah, definitely willing to buy a table from someone if anyone has one but isn't going or has an extra.

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