Thinking about making Comics

  • So I've been thinking about comics lately and I've been developing multiple stories (over a few years now). I'd like to make them into comics in the near future - maybe when I graduate [ from Highschool, next year ], but I've got a TON of questions. I watched Jake Parker's Comics class, but it didn't answer everything on my mind. It'd be awesome if you guys could help me out. 🙂

    (Ideally, I'd like to have my stories to be printed in 6 x 0.3 x 9 (inches) book size (kind of like the Sonic Select books), or somewhere around there, I'm not too picky.)

    • If I draw it digitally, how big should the canvas be? What file type? (I usually use .png)
    • If I were to draw it on comic paper, what are the guidelines around the edges for, how do I use them? I didn't fully understand that part.
    • How should I go about drawing the panels? I can never seem to get the lines straight.
    • How should I go about getting this published? This is the most confusing part for me. Ideally, I'd love to have it published so more people than just me would be reading it.
    • If I get it published, are my characters protected? I've been developed them for awhile and I don't want them to be stolen or anything. 😞

    Any other tips and suggestions would be great. 🙂 I've never done anything like this and it's pretty scary. Thank you all!

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