Star Tarot Illustration

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    Hello, I've had a subscription to SVS for several months and just now noticed the forum section. lol I enjoy incorporating what I learn from SVS into my design briefs for other online courses/classes I currently take. Such is the case of this Star Tarot card...which I designed after binge watching SVS videos for a few days. 🙂

    I wanted to share my work because I felt I had a major break through with this illustration. I usually work more traditionally and bring in different mixed media elements into my graphic art one piece at a time, but I wanted to approach this piece differently. So I followed Will Terry's guidance with using a thumbnail, and actually hand shaded a 2x2 inch example of this; which I ended up referring throughout the entire process. I now get the importance of the thumbnail. I also finally understand the whole unified tone thing which now I can clearly see in other illustrations I admire. This piece was quite outside my comfort zone, but I'm grateful for what I learned through it (so thanks SVS team). So here is my piece and I look forward to continuing to learn. Constructive feedback is welcome.

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