Posing sketch

  • Hi all! First post! Woot! Here's a couple of kids I'm practicing with poses, values and drawing from reference. Critiques please.



  • I think you have captured the image really well, but have put in some style at the same time. Well done.

  • Thanks Steve! Next I want to practice cartooning them. I'm not that good at turning reference into cartoons yet. I'm going through the Posing Characters videos at the moment.

  • @Nor I think you've done a really nice job of capturing the pose from the photograph. You've got lots of great value contrast, and the different parts of the image read really well.

    One thing I notice from the photograph is that, although the boy seems to be reaching for the girl's hand, it's kind of hidden behind her arm. If you got a second reference photo, where people are holding hands, you could use it to "improve on reality" and show that connection between them for your drawing.

    I know you're focusing mostly on pose and value-- are you open to feedback about the faces as well?

  • The tone is almost good, but if you wanted to keep their nationality, you need to make their skin darker. Faces are so bright you even lost shadows and highlights, which makes it flat.

    Second thing watch - your line when doing wrinkles and muscles on face, you push a bit too hard. It almost looks like they have mustaches and you kind of lost their expressions. The boy looks evil and the girl just strange.

    But the rest is awesome! The folds on clothes, their pose, great stuff. Just please do something with their faces.

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