I made a Flip Book of my book dummy.

  • Thought I'd share my Little Green Man book dummy in Flip book format. Feedback is welcome!
    Check it out. HERE

    I also started working on color. This is just preliminary color and will more than likely change.

    Pg 16-17 V2  small.jpg

  • @Katrina-Fowler Thank you so much for sharing your prelims Katrina. Your story reads so very well and the pacing is perfect. I was so sad when the green man crumbled. I enjoined how you showed the girl walking through the snow on pg 3 and forest on pg 7, each foot step in the same panel, which segues into my next thought:

    I had a thought about pg 14 that is minor but could help visually. Reading the panels downward as the girl is going up seemed a little disjointed. Showing her progress similar to her walk but as a full pg spread would read more comfortably. I noticed that the green man had something similar a few pages back but you could change the perspective or make it a close up to give it visual differences.

    Seriously can not wait to see this completed!

  • @BradAYoo Thanks for the feed back! I'll give pg 14 another look-e-loo. I wanted to emphasize the removal of her coat in this section. As a sort of shedding of winter and climbing to the sun. (will be able to see better with color) Maybe I could have the coat removed in the foreground and see her in the distance climbing the cliff... Puts on thinking cap

    Thanks again.

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