Brush smoothing Photoshop Mac-users

  • Yesterday I bought, downloaded and tested the Hej stylus. This is a small program that allows for brush smoothing inside any software, in my case Photoshop. PC-users have had the option of installing the plugin Lazy Nezumi, but this doesn't work on a Mac. I tested it last night, and even though it's a bit early to be handing out praise, but I think it worked really well! Especially longer, slower strokes came out very nice - and these always look very bad when I do them without smoothing. I had to rely on very fast hand/arm-movement to get nice lines, and this eliminates a LOT of cmnd+z's :p

    The only downside (this far) is that the brush-size slider works badly when Hej stylus is activated. I had to click on the slider or manually type in the size. This also made the keyboard shortcut alt+ctrl and clicking/dragging right/left to change size jump around quite a bit. I think the developer is looking into this (he acutally replyed to me in a thread about lazy mouse in the PSD-forums), and I really hope he fixes this issue.

    Otherwise it was super easy to use - and toggling between smoothing on and off is just a left click on a symbol in Finder's menu-bar.

    I thought I'd share this tip with others who was missing the smooth stroke feature i Photoshop 🙂

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