Illustrating Children's books assignments

  • Inked a few of my sketches. Dirty Sketches of a left hander!
    Here's my Mouse. My guess is he's hunting down a Cheshire Cat since its kinda like a ghost!

  • @Ben-J-Hutchison I am left handed too, we are way more creative then righthanders! Top foxes!

  • Finally taking the time to post!


    Looking back on this one, I realize I forgot to include the fox fur colouring, and the hat. D;


    @Lynn-Larson Your very nice gestural dancing fox inspired me to draw mouse dancers for my assignment. xD Good job on not giving up, but instead seeking reference!

    @Andrew-Thomas Solid approach. I think the sketch in the corner is your strongest one, insofar as balance goes. I like how you did the hands and feet on the bigger one, but the centre of gravity is somewhat off. It almost looks as though the squirrel is bending away from us. It's like he just got punched in the gut, which would knock him off kilter--but much more slight than that, however. Does that make sense? To correct that, I'd bring his feet back under him a bit, or make them longer, and/or have his haunches look like they're sitting on the floor more solidly. It might be helpful for you to practice gesture sketching and finding the line of gravity, since you're studying animation. But really good work overall. Keep it up--post assignment two, eh? ;P

    @Karim-Benyagoub I like the control you have of your pencil and that you vary your line thickness. Good idea to create a male, female, and child fox--they're super cute. The only thing I might suggest to you, would be to experiment with pushing the body shape even more--like try drawing really wild and interesting shapes, and seeing if you can get that shape to look like a fox. Oh right--I'm under no illusions that my own work is amazeballz yet either, but practicing looking critically at art helps me improve my own art, too. And not all critiques will be spot-on, either. That's okay. We're all learning. And encouragement is always needed and welcome as well!

  • @K.-W. Hi Kaity, very nice. maybe the ballet-teacher, needs to have some pupils, that can be really fun. I would change her legs a bit. maybe rounder?

  • @K.-W. I love the belly dancing mouse! They are so great, glad i could inspire 🙂

  • Thank you for the feedback @Leontine-Gaasenbeek and @Lynn-Larson. 🙂 I spent some time trying to improve them, but I'm not perfectly happy with my results. xD



    Hope everyone is enjoying the last of summer, and I wish safe travels to those of you heading to college or university this fall!

  • Resurrecting this thread! Has anyone else in the forums done any more of these assignments?

    I have, but haven't scanned all of them into the computer yet (I switched to pencil due to the need for more motor control than I can manage on my tablet). Here's assignment number six:


    I'm finding many of these assignments extremely challenging (I have never tried to turn characters/complex objects around in my imagination before). This is a good thing, because I need to learn this stuff, but at the same time it takes more motivation to push forward when things just aren't working.

  • Oh perfect ! Im trying to do each assignment and getting stuck on some more than others.

    I think the mouse one was assignment three ?


  • Has any one done Task 7, drawing the Crocodile form different angles Im struggling a bit with this one

  • @Di07 hi, not, not yet, ill give it a try as soon I've some time left...