Getting to know pastels

  • Being in a cabin in the mountains without electricity for the duration of Easter, I decided to try out a set of pastel pencils I bought years ago. I didn't like them when I first got them, the really saturated colours is hard to work with when you mostly do graphite stuff. But I decided to give it another go, and I am kind of pleased with the results. It was a new experience planning out the colours before applying them, and I made a few decisions I ended up regretting, but it was a nice learning experience 🙂
    ![20160328_114043_resized.jpg](uploading 100%)

  • ![20160328_114116_resized.jpg](uploading 100%)

  • Im afraid you have to post a different link to the image, starting with www and ending with .jpg 🙂

  • I was trying to upload it to the SVS-server through the upload button 😕 I'll try to link images instead 🙂

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