Slice of cake WIP

  • Hey guys,

    I'm working on another illustration that involves cockroaches and a slice of cake! I've gotten to the line art and roughed in some tones and shading. But before I go any further, what are your thoughts on this project so far? The more I look at this potential illustration, the more I ponder about what's missing or needs to be tweaked. However, I'm going to attack this project at another day when my eyes "refresh". 🙂

    Anyways, thanks guys!

    Untitled-roac.jpg cockroachill-rough.jpg

  • Well, the most obvious - the focal point has the least details. Either move the focal point to the yelling character or bring the cake to the same level of detail as the yelling character.

    Also the line weight of the cake seems a bit too thick. The yelling character is in the front so why the cake should get a thicker line?

    These are my thoughts 🙂

  • @Jiří-Kůs Ah, that's great advice as I've tweaked up the line art a bit. Thanks! And I'm going to Photoshop for a bit and maybe do some detailing on the cake. Either that, or beam the light on the yelling guy. Maybe I'll add a chair as well.

  • Greetings all,

    Had a chance to work on this piece a bit more and here it is! Not sure if I'm done yet but I'm looking to possibly expand on the cake a bit more (and possibly the center character). Thoughts? 🙂

    Also, I'm working on switching gears as an artist by being a painter in Photoshop. My style is usually flat by default as I start out by sketching then detouring to Illustrator to do lines, then switching back to Photoshop to slap on shapes and etc. But at the end, everything seems too flat and cold, unlike actual paintings. This is the one critique that I have of myself at the moment that I'm trying to answer to. In addition, I feel like I have this intermediate skillset as when I see all of these other more seasoned painters around here and throughout the internet, I'm blown away but inspired.

    Anyways, ramblings aside, here's my stuff and thanks for reading!

    Untitled-roach2.jpg Untitled-roach2-line.jpg

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