Project concepts

  • A few concepts for a personal project I'm working on, and stuff that hopefully will make it into my portfolio...

    Love some feedback!

    ![girl_sketches.jpg](uploading 100%)

  • I think your simple shapes work well for concept work, though some form would help sell your work much more.

  • @Steve-Young

    Cool thanks, gonna check out the courses to see if there are any on form.

    Some more concept work for the project...environment.jpg

  • Just a few more drawing concepts...Trying to nail the character down.

  • @Ben-Pipers Thanks for sharing these. I especially like the sketchy illustrations of old house, and the guy that you added later with the helmet/gear on. They really seem to be embodying some particular world. I'd love to see more of that world in the other sketches, as you flesh them out more.

    I'm also really liking the color studies you did for the distant scene. Neat to see how much the color changes the mood, and I really like the way you added atmosphere in the distance.

    On that same scene, my eye is distracted by the little plant nearest front/center.Maybe offset it so it doesn't block the flow of things?

    Otherwise--I'm not sure I'm understanding something. Are these images all part of a single project? The really graphic, almost cartoony house (second image) doesn't seem to fit with everything else. That said, I like that style and would be interested in seeing more of it! Just maybe as part of something else.

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