Helicopters & Goldfish

  • Ok, so I'll admit this was inspired by a sketch of Jake Parker's that he included in his inking course, but I really liked the concept and had to do one of my own. so thank you Jake, for the inspiration you provide in everything you do.
    In this piece, I sketched it out using Sketchbook Pro and then printed it off and inked it in pen. I then re-scanned into Sketchbook Pro and used the color of the paper as the base tone and just highlighted it from there.
    For the helicopter I used a Russian Kamov Ka-31 as a reference and caricatured it. I added an old 30's or 40's car and headlights to make it look more surreal.
    helicopter and goldfish for web.jpg

  • Haha, this is pretty neat!

    I like how this helicopter even looks like a whale in a sense. Color it blue? Maybe some fog or sense of visible air emitting from the exhaust somewhere from the helicopter (if possible) and from the fish gills too, to kind of symbolize breathing underwater.

    Anyways, I can't wait to see how it all turns out and good luck! 🙂

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