Angels dancing on the head of a pin

  • I've decided to move away from colored pencils, my medium since I had kids---they're easy to pick up and put down, nothing to dry, but they (for me) are super slow and fiddly and don't scan well. After watching some SVS composition videos, I think I just need to practice in black and white, anyway, so I'm planning to post some graphite drawings soon that I'm working on. But first, a last hurrah for my beloved Prismacolors. I've been doing colored pencil drawings of girl angels every so often for a few years now, and I'd like to share two recent ones I did in response to Illustration Friday prompts. The first I'm pretty happy with, though of course not completely. The second was a huge and seemingly unsuccessful struggle. I loved my idea but couldn't express it well for some reason. The pose was maybe harder, but I'm also wondering if it was because I neglected my usual practice of daily, relaxed sketching of great art I find online in order to put all my art-time into trying to do that one drawing as well as I could. Since then, I've been almost religious about my daily sketching time. I don't know if I'll ever share those sketches. I'm afraid if I do it will turn exercise into performance and mess with my mind!

    Blessings, all
    SPINWEB 3.jpg
    Pin 3 web.jpg

  • they look great, very nice technique!

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