Pics & Posting tips for Inktober?

  • I finished my first Inktober drawing for this year and wanted to see about tips on taking the best shots for sharing. I know scanning is best but I am a bit of a stickler with my drawing pad and I don't like tearing out the sheets. Plus my scanner wont do a full 9x12 sheet.

    Any tips/thoughts on taking good pics, lighting, etc. for posting?

  • Hi @BradAYoo, I just take a photo under a spot lamp. It’s not the best, but it’s quick and removes any friction of scanning.

    Sometimes I use the scan feature of notes with my iPhone.

    Here’s an example of photo with spot lamp.


  • its all about lighting. You need bright white light and maybe even some filter editing or color correction in your photo app. This is important for social media platforms like instagram because supposedly the algorithm favors certain colors. it can tell when its not a clear well lit photo.

  • @K-Flagg Is there any information what colors that it might favor? Now I'm curious....

  • I can highly recomend to watch some videos on youtube on this topic.
    There are a lot out there and every one has maybe some unique tips for you.

    I prefer to make pictures in the middel of the day mostly arround 10-13, because on a normal, day not rainy day, the light is perfect.

    You should also take a look at you instagram accounts you follow, maybe check how they upload their pictures, if something is special about them or not. Some like to decorate, some like to be simple... just do some research and you will find what you need, what fits you and your character.

  • @lpetiti This was the video that I got that info from... she has a few videos that are really informative and current

  • Thank you all for the tips! I don't have a lighting setup to get those consistent shots so I ended up going with your idea @von_Nimmermehr and using the natural light solution. I then take it to Photoshop for some more pop and color balancing.

    @lpetiti This was the video that I got that info from... she has a few videos that are really informative and current

    This was a very helpful video, I'm going to have to try some IG reels and see if I get any growth. I really like the "ask questions" part. Jake Parker had mentioned that helped his growth a bunch too in the past.

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