Ink pass update

  • Hey everyone! It's me phoenix, but i had to sign into my school computer because It's the only device i have internet on at the moment. That's beside the point I took all of your helpful advice and went with the comp we all agreed on. Here is the ink. What do you think? What do i need to fix? Thank you all again! IMG_3195.JPG

  • The path this took my eye on was quite a ride! I land on the main girl's face (nice contrast around here) then travel along her gaze to the pointing lady who takes me to the fella with the bag and swoops me off his arm up the guy to his left and across the hanging balls at the top. This rolled me along the right market stalls and down the balder guy into his dragon graphic and from his shoulder I'm pointed back to the main girl. Well done! I feel as though I was just jostled around a marketplace on the whim of your frenzied environment. The expressions lean mostly positively too which gives this scene a more welcoming and exciting feel as opposed to an anxious and negatively overwhelming air.

    I can't thinking of anything that stands out to me as needing revision though.. Hope this helps a little. Thanks for sharing!

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