“Circle” community/forum app 📱

  • Firstly, thanks so much for putting this whole website together @Jake-Parker, @Lee-White and @Will-Terry. I’m a late starter (at 44yrs) but have always been interested in drawing. I’ve just never taken the time to teach myself.

    I’m up to the shading part of the curriculum with Lee and I’m having a blast!! I’m having sooo many “aha” moments and I’m like an excited school boy when I run in to tell my wife what I’ve just learned as she looks at me confused and like I’m nuts 😂

    Anyway, the reason for my post is to ask if Jake, Lee or Will are familiar with the platform “Circle” - https://circle.so/ or if any other members here use it with other groups and what you think of it?

    I am in no way affiliated with them but I use the platform for a few other communities I’m in. One is a drawing one that I started before I found SVS, the other a 3D animation group and lastly a startup business group.

    They work like a forum but can be configured into sections/topics for easy navigation. And there is an app with push notifications making it super easy for all to use.

    You may have seen this before so if you have, feel free to ignore this post.

    If you haven’t, check it out. It’s excellent.

    Thanks again for all of your work at SVS!

    Rich 😃

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