How feasible is it to co-author internationally to make children’s books?

  • Apart from all the usual considerations that come with working together on a project(not being too controlling, dealing with disagreements, etc).

    *How feasible is it for two authors living in completely different meridians to partner up in a project with the possibility of self-publishing?

    *Is there a blazed-trail kind of way to make this easy in legal terms?

    *Do we need to create a company in each/one of our countries?

    *Are there any associations dedicated to making these types of authoring partnerships possible?

    *How is the receiving-money aspect generally managed? A joint international bank account? An offshore account?(!?) My main objective would be to have a way to handle the money in a way that one party does not have to completely trust the other for their money to be safe. For example if my PC got hacked and the attacker got to my (our) bank account, that they wouldn’t be able to empty the account and because of my “mistake”, the other author also comes out empty-handed.

    I know this question got very technical and legal, but ANY pointers in the right direction if you have experience would be greatly appreciated.

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