License Agreement

  • Can anyone help, I cannot find my copy of a license agreement from the AOI i downloaded ages ago.
    I need one to send to a publisher. Ive done (for free) the illustrations to a Companion Book to a Series of Books.
    A few of the fans created a cookbook (Think Nanny Ogg Cookbook to the Discworld Series) there are photos and Illustrations.

    It was to be self published but the publisher has agreed to do that for us. She has designed the cover herself (not using my illustrations so it looks entirely different) but to keep her sweet we are overlooking that....(group consensus not mine!)

    Obviously I'm now wanting to make sure my illustrations are covered as I suspect she may want to use them for merchandising down the line to recoup some of her costs of doing this. As its for charity and Ive spent 6 months doing this, Id rather she didn't...

    So if anyone has a copy of a great licensing agreement I may use I will be forever in your debt!
    (And i will now go to rummaging around in my computer files to see where ive hidden the damn thing, but suspect its gone...)

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