Joel Cockrell - Featured Artist for July

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    The featured student for July is Joel Cockrell! The Q&A with Joel is up on the blog and below is an introduction to the Q&A that our friend, Katy, conducted with Joel:

    When an artist can call themselves both a teacher and a student, they are probably making great progress. In this interview, illustrator and arts professor Joel Cockrell shares how much can be learned from being immersed in art from both perspectives. A gem of a story finishes this one off as Joel describes what sparked his love of words and images as a small child.

    Read the whole Q&A on the BLOG

  • Really great interview, @Joel-Cockrell! Thanks for sharing your experiences and perspective. Love how you describe illustrated books: words and pictures working together to tell a story that they couldn’t tell on their own. Gonna keep that in mind!

  • Thanks @David! And congratulations @Joel-Cockrell! I really love your tavern design.

    I’m also a father and husband and often struggle with the notion of not having enough time to create art and “catch up”, so to speak. But I can only do what I can, and I’ve found peace in just enjoying the learning and getting just 1% better each day or month.

    Also agree that fitness and outdoors have a huge influence on sparking creativity, especially nature walks!

    Great interview!