Is it just me?

  • Hi all,

    Is it just me that looks for any opportunity to buy a picturebook, even if our children have “outgrown” them?

    Is it just me that wanders over to the children’s section of the book store and libraries to check out all the amazing picturebooks?

    Is it just me that admires the artwork on the cover of picturebooks for at least a few minutes before opening them? We glamor over the pages in awe as if we are witnessing art at the Louvre museum? Yet, others pass by the picturebooks as if they don’t exist...

    Is it just me that creates an extremely long inventory of picturebooks books you want on your wish list?

    Is it just me that dreams of one day seeing our own book displayed proudly among the other masterpieces?

    Surely, it can’t be just me.

  • @Jeremy-Ross it's not just you!

    (Discovering was NOT helpful in whittling down my children's book wishlist. And if you didn't know about it ... sorry, and you're welcome!)

  • Nope! Having kids basically just legitimized all the stuff I was doing before, like going to kids movies, book stores, reading comics, etc 🙂 Pretty soon when they're all grown up I'll go back to being the weirdo that is out of place.

  • Exactly @jdubz!

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