Dixit - the storytelling game with amazing illustrations

  • HIya,

    I just though I would share a board game I thought people may like that we have been playing for many years. It's called Dixit. It's a french game where you create stories from wonderfully illustrated cards. Illustrator - Marie Cardouat.

    You have 6 cards and the storyteller picks one of their cards and creates a sentence, phrase or word to describe it. The other players look at their cards and try to pick the one that they think best matches the phrase. Then everyone puts their cards face down in a pile, they get shuffled, and placed face up in a line.

    Everyone then puts one of their counters down on which card they think is the storytellers. The twist is you want your phrase to be not too obvious so that everyone guesses it, but not too obscure that no-one guesses it. Points are awarded to players depending on who's counters are on who's card.

    The rules are not complicated to play and the illustrations are quite surreal so it really gets your brain working. It's great to play with anyone, young or old.

    The playing pieces are wooden rabbits so you will have to fight over who is the red SVS rabbit! 🙂

    It's quite an old game but I recommend it if you like creating stories, plus you can just sit and look through the card illustrations for ages.


  • @lizardillo Thank you so much for sharing this! I'm always on the lookout for fun and unique games, and this one absolutely hits the mark! I'll definitely look into it, and SO looking forward to hopefully playing with friends once our lockdown is lifted 🎉

  • @Sabrina-Gosselin Brilliant, you'll love it.

  • I've just found a review that explains it a lot better than I have : https://www.kiddycharts.com/review/dixit-review/

  • @lizardillo This looks really great! Really good tool for practicing storytelling. I've been playing a lot of games through lockdown so I wouldn't mind adding another to the pile. A really nice one for illustrations that I found is Bargain Quest, illustrated by Victoria Ying, I definitely recommend checking it out.

  • @brettb_draws said in Dixit - the storytelling game with amazing illustrations:

    Bargain Quest

    oooh that looks nice. I would love to make a game one day so always on the look out for illustrated games for inspiration. Thank you.

  • I love this game! We have been playing it for years and there are so many of the cards I wish I had as a painting for my wall.

  • What a lovely idea! My partner and I are huge board game nerds, and this looks like one we could share with our parents as well as our nieces and nephews. Thanks so much for posting this!

  • It really is a great game and it will always be different every time you play it. We have just has out Covid restrictions eased here in the UK so we are going around our best friend’s house for the first time in a year to have a takeaway and a game of Dixit on Saturday night. It’s a real big event! I’m so excited!

  • I was just looking at how different your version is compared to mine. Your board is way more cute!


  • @K-Flagg It looks like there are a few different versions, which is quite interesting. Yours looks to be Dixit: Journey and has a different artist to the original Dixit which we have. Ours is 12 years old so newer versions may have has a bit of an update.

    Just found this explaining them if you ever fancied a different version and also the expansion packs if you wanted to add any to yours. (I sound like a salesperson for this game 😂)

    Versions explained here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/customer-reviews/RKWEEHE3DBVHH?ref_=fspcr_pl_sr_1_5_15_13291851

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