My Book Just Launched - Mustard Thinks Twice!

  • Greetings fellow SVS Community!

    I'm extremely excited to share good news that my 3rd book in the Mustard Series, Mustard Thinks Twice! is now published!

    Some of you may recall seeing my in-process spreads in the monthly SVS Virtual Studio forums as I worked diligently on my book.

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank SVS teachers and community in the forum for helping me become a better artist and for encouragement as I continue to chase my dream of writing and illustrating for children.

    If you're interested in getting a copy of Mustard Thinks Twice!, the Kindle Edition is currently marked down for the promotional launch. The paperback is also available for those of us who prefer physical books (smile).

    Without further ado, here's the link.

    Mustard Thinks Twice!


    Thank you all for your continued support! If you do get a copy, I would love to hear what you think! If you check my author page on Amazon, you can also see my Trailer for the book.
    Jeremy Ross Amazon Author Page

    I've been a proud member of this community since 2019 and it's definitely the best forum online for visual storytelling!

    Thank you!


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