personal organization on svs learn account suggestion

  • Hello , I wanted to make a suggestion about the website and how I find it’s lacking when it comes to my personal account . I would like to see an option where I could save a list of the classes I want to take to stay organized and motivated to a working plan and that I don’t have to go scrolling through all the classes to find the next one I want to take . Also the in progress classes I’m taking to have them in a list. I know you have a in progress option but at least on my account it does not show the courses I am in progress but a lot of other random classes. So to sum it up to help the student be more organized and motivated and have their class plan in one place and not written down in a notebook somewhere to have a in progress class list option and a favorite class list option for future classes you want to take. Cause let’s face it , most of us artist on no very well organized 😅 at least in my case.

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