Ethan Becker's Art-style Challenge

  • Piece done for Ethan Becker's Art Style Challenge. Pretty happy with how it turned out. I would greatly appreciate some feedback.

    The goal was to take two influences from each category and combine they to create something unique.

    Medium - Comic / Instagram
    Genre - AvatarTLA / AdultSwim
    Story- Rick and Morty / Better Call Saul
    Design - Sylvain Chomet / Ethan Becker


    For the medium, I wanted to do a single frame image with a comic aesthetic and it was to be displayed on instagram so I took that into consideration for the measurements.

    Avatar is filled with drama with elements of comedy so I wanted to use that along with the more adult feel of Adult Swim's cartoons.

    With the story I liked the grandpa/grandson dynamic in Rick and Morty so I took that and merged it with the crooked/tacky lawyer elements of Saul Goodmans in Better Call Saul.

    For style, I wanted to exaggerate certain proportions in the face, like Sylvain Chomet does in The Illusionist and Triplets of Belleville, while trying to capture a story moment, like Ethan Becker does really nicely.

    Unfortunately I wasn't successful with achieving all of these, and I think that's down to a lack of fundamentals in some areas, but I really like the result. It's something I never would have come up with it I didn't try this process. A really interesting way of generating ideas.

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