MerMay’d wip

  • Slowly making progress 8F2C7832-B8BD-4841-8860-6E0C43A60C68.jpeg

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    to keep a minimal color palette with this one I chose to have the tank sort of obstruct or deflect any color from the background

  • @Asyas_illos The fish in the bottom right of the tank is perfectly placed, makes the tank 3D by crossing the line. Great palette!

  • @RachelArmington Thank you for the feedback!

  • I’m having trouble showing that the mermaid is pressed up against the glass, is that reading? it’s not coming out the way I see it in my mind🤔 I did a version where it was colored the little spot but it didn’t quite look right either😕thoughts?

  • @Asyas_illos yes, it does read like the mermaid is pressed up against the glass. But there does feel like there's something "off" with the mermaid in the tank and I think it's because when she's underwater, everything takes on the color of the water -- it makes it appear that the water is opaque, but then if it was, we wouldn't see her shape. If you were to show some color on the mermaid and perhaps some distortion from the water, I think it would read better. Do an image search of people in a pool and look at how their shapes and colors change above and below the water. Because the mermaid and water are basically complementary colors, you'll need to adjust accordingly -- this is something I've had to figure out in my latest illustration project. My solution was to cool down the color of an object when it went below the water's surface, then glaze over it with a blue watercolor wash (the water was the last thing I painted). (This technique could also be employed digitally, but there is definitely more than one solution that would work.)

  • @Melissa-Bailey-0 thank you so much for reminding me of this. I thought I was doing it but really I was just painting layers over and not getting the clear affect, I’ve been painting layers in normal and forgetting about multiply (which I was using frequently during doing the watercolors) so does this look more accurate?07DE970D-E93A-4A48-8075-51E18346F414.jpeg I wish it was a bit light still🤔 i’ll have to play around with it some more

  • FC037780-20AC-4D85-B197-8E3259948BB3.jpeg
    I think I’m gonna leave it like that. My daughter is the awesome by the way, totally her idea to have the pens in the hair! well first she suggested a pencil like he had drawn the picture, I was thinking it was just a photo or a poster but she was thinking that he drew it so I made markers and stuck a few of them in there.

  • @Asyas_illos really nice! Adding the pens really adds to the storytelling. Good recommendation from your daughter!

  • @Melissa-Bailey-0 thank you. She’s on her way to being a top illustrator by the time she 10 lol she’s only five right now but she’s so creative and such an artist! Better than I was at her age!

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