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  • I just noticed some of the classes had 2-3 stars, which surprised me as I know the quality of education work on this site. When I checked out the actual reviews, they were 100% positive, but some of the reviewers didn't add a star rating. I think that, if not added, the site counts no stars as just that - 0 stars.

    SO for the SITE MANAGER - you might want to fix that so that no stars is just null and doesn't bring down the score! Make the lowest counted score a single star so people have to actually click the stars to affect the score.

    AND for STUDENTS - remember to star the reviews accurately so the number of stars reflects the quality of the course. If I wasn't a super curious person at heart I might have ignored some of the 2-3 star classes, when in reality the feedback on the bottom of the pages was great!

  • This post is deleted!

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