Shane Hunt's Effective Vehicle Design- class homework

  • I am happy to start a new class again! Thinking back now, the last time I drew a car was when I took Jake Parker's How To Draw Everything class (2-3ish years back). So this was intimidating but I am having fun and if I can overcome cars I can overcome anything!

    Side Question: Am I allowed to post these on Instagram? Part 2 of Assignment #1 has us change one of Jake Parker's red car to appear weak and strong; can I post my versions on IG giving credit to Jake Parker for original design? My version doesn't look like his line work. I want to show my progress.

    This is Assignment #1 part: Caricature of a 1934 something or other car. I had loads of FUN with this one mainly because of not having to be concerned with perspective but also I like exaggerating things.

    caricature car 1934 svs.jpg

  • Nice! I think you did great! I've been working on that class too. I'm on the last assignment. I don't see a problem with posting assignments on instagram. If it will give you some motivation, I say go for it!

  • @Lisa-Clark Thank you. Will you be showing your final assignment? -It would be cool to see it (and any others your willing to share; you can post here if you'd like).

  • Hi folks, I started this class, too. Here's what I have so far for the exaggerated versions, the weak and strong car, and seaplane. I am struggling with the seaplane's pontoon so I'll probably post a new version of that later after I figure it out.

    cars-part1a.jpg cars-part2a.jpg seaplane.jpg

  • Here's my work up to the last assignment. I decided to take some time and draw extra vehicles because it's not something that I have had a lot of practice doing.

    I am struggling with how to use a silhouette for the last one. I did a whole slew of silhouettes but actually taking them from a silhouette to a vehicle kind of boggles my mind. Maybe I just need to watch more videos in order to really get it.

    vehicle design1.jpg vehicle design2.jpg vehicle design4.jpg vehicle design3.jpg

  • Also, when I showed my kids my canoe house boat my oldest son was like.... um... Mom, that would never float. Haha! He is an autistic 10 year old and just very blunt and to the point. @Heather-Boyd

  • @jenn I really like the expressions on the last two cars! It's great 😃

  • I found this video that explains a lot about how to actually use a silhouette and turn it into something. The most useful part starts around minute 52.

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